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Transportation Related to Cancer Treatment

Reimbursement for travel expenses for the patient, if they are reasonable expenses incurred in the course of travel (for example, coach class airline tickets, rental car, rideshare/cab, hotel, and meals), is provided if your Base Medical Program does not provide any travel benefits for cancer treatment. Coverage is available if you travel more than 120 miles from home to use a Network Provider for treatment of cancer.
Reimbursement for expenses for the patient and a companion is available where all the following conditions are met and are subject to tax where applicable:

  • Transportation of the patient and one companion who is traveling with the patient to the Network Provider for the purposes of an evaluation, treatment, or follow-up that is a Covered Health Service under your Base Medical Program. An Explanation of Benefits issued under your Base Medical Program may be required to establish coverage of these Services.
  • Eligible Expenses for lodging and meals for the patient (while not confined) and one companion. Benefits are paid at a per diem rate of up to $50 for one person or up to a total of $100 for the patient and the companion combined.
  • If the patient is an enrolled dependent minor Child, the transportation expenses of up to two companions will be covered, and lodging and meal expenses will be reimbursed up to the $100 per diem rate (total) for all three individuals combined.
  • Travel and lodging expenses are only available if the patient resides more than 120 miles from the Network Provider.
  • Travel and lodging expenses are only available when the evaluation, treatment, or follow-up procedures/services require travel and or lodging for five or more continuous days. Maximum of 15 days of lodging reimbursement per cancer diagnosis. The Transportation Benefit Related to Cancer, provided under this section, is not available to individuals who are Medicare Eligible (i.e., eligible for Medicare as your primary coverage over the Base Medical Program).

There is a combined overall lifetime maximum Benefit of $10,000 for each Covered Person for all travel expenses reimbursed under CarePlus for travel and lodging for the Covered Person and/or companion(s). Participants must obtain Prior Approval from the Benefits Administrator. If Prior Approval is not obtained, no Benefits will be payable under the Program.

No Coordination of Benefits applies to coverage of this service under the Program. If you are enrolled in any other plan or program that provides any coverage for this service, you are not eligible for this coverage under the Program, regardless of any out-of-pocket expenses for which you may be responsible.