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CarePlus Overview & Benefits

Your benefits under the CarePlus Program includes both Experimental CarePlus and Expanded CarePlus.

Experimental CarePlus is an optional supplemental medical program designed to cover specific procedures not covered under AT&T’s basic medical programs. This program provides coverage for certain experimental or investigational treatments and services. Covered procedures and services are limited to those included on the Experimental CarePlus covered procedures and services list. Services are reviewed at least annually and procedures and services may be added, removed or modified. For example, if a Experimental CarePlus procedure is no longer considered experimental or investigational and becomes mainstream medical care, the procedure will be removed from the Experimental CarePlus coverage list and become a covered procedure under the basic medical programs.

Expanded Services provides coverage that AT&T determines may be beneficial to participants, including services like:

  • Dental Services Provided in a Medical Care Facility
  • Doula Services and Childbirth Classes

See the Experimental CarePlus Covered Benefits and Services and Expanded Services Benefits and Services sections of this website for the full list of covered services.

When your treating physician recommends a CarePlus covered procedure, you or your physician should contact a customer care professional by calling the CarePlus toll free number. Generally, you must receive prior authorization before receiving a service for coverage to be available from CarePlus. No benefits are payable if required prior authorization is not obtained. Customer care for CarePlus can be reached at 1-877-261-3340.

Note: There is no ID Card for the CarePlus Program.